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July 30, 2010

Today we got 2 calls to fix girl kitties! We love to fix kitties, broken kitties make me very unhappy!

Then we had really big excitement on our farm! The man who rents two of our fields has them in oats, so he was baling straw and the round baler and 4 bales caught on fire. Mama had to call 911. Thankfully no one was hurt, fire is out and we saved the hundred thousand dollar tractor! Just the thirty two thousand baler was a loss. Of course I was on the job and handled everything for Mama!

Hugs, Riley

July 27, 2010

The parvo pup did not live. We are so sorry about that. It is a bad thing to have parvo. He was just too sick. But the little pit bull pup with the amputated leg is doing really well.

Today on my farm there is a great big machine driving around our field. I chase it away when it gets too close. Mama says it is a combine and they are taking our oats. I don’t think they have any business taking any oats of ours so I will continue to chase them.

 Yesterday my little sister Lexy and I went to Pentwater and walked by the lake with Mama and Dad. Lots of big and little people petted us. We are very cute!

 Hugs, Riley

July 23, 2010

Today we got a call about a parvo pup. I don’t know what parvo is but Mama says it is bad and we don’t want it. The pup is real sick so we will help him get well.

Then the Manna Pantry called and they are all out of dog food. Lots of hungry dogs! It will be a busy day for Mama and me.

Sunday we are going to go for a walk with Sadie and her Mom Carol. Sadie is a Boston Terrier like my brother Rusty and my sister Zoe. I love to go for walks with our friends. Of course I will be in charge of the walk after Mama I mean. Sadie won’t care. She is little and sweet. 

Hugs, Riley

July 20, 2010

It was a great weekend! Mama and Dad went to Torch Lake so our babysitter Kelsey came and spend the night with her cousin Mandy. Those girls are so fun. They play ball and feed us and everything. We hardly missed Mama at all. In fact we did not miss her so much that we all slept with her when she got home. The bed was kind of full!

Tomorrow Mama works at her job at Patterson’s Flowers. She likes her work, it makes people smile to get flowers. We usually take naps when Mama is at work cause our Dad is boring. He usually just plays his guitar and stuff.

I have a new job too. Every night I help feed the horses. My job is very important, I am the only dog who gets to go to the barn and feed horses. I love my job! 

We also have 3 house kitties who need homes. The good news is they are all fixed. If you know of someone who needs a kitty have them email us.

Hugs, Riley

July 15, 2010

What a great day! We got to help a little pit bull pup from the Lake County shelter. He had a broken front leg that needed to be amputated. He was going to be put to sleep, and Mama said not a nice nap sleep. So thanks to a call from Dr. Kaufmann, who told us about him, he is getting a new start.

 As soon as his leg is fixed he is getting adopted. Mama says he is special cause he has 3 legs. We are so happy that he will have a new home and does not have to go to sleep in the shelter. I hope he is not a silly puppy like my little sister Lexy! What a special day for us and for him.

 Hugs, Riley

July 13, 2010

We have REALLY, REALLY great news! The IRS sent us our 501(c)(3) papers in the mail! Mama is very excited. I am NOT. First of all I don’t know what a IRS is. And secondly anyone who does not send biscuits cannot be that cool. I mean really. So we get a paper in the mail. Can’t eat that!!!

If it makes Mama happy though I am happy too. And Mama says it is very important cause now we can write grants—again great news now Mama will be at the computer when she should be making me snacks. And then Mama said that contributions are tax deductable. I say again–what does this have to do with my dinner!

Mama says I better go, I have said enough for one day.

Hugs, Riley

July 11, 2010

Once again it is kitty week! We love helping and fixing kitties so it was a good week. I love kitties but my silly sister Lexy is on the kitty trail! She can’t even settle down when kitties are around.

Also, my brother Rusty has been real sick. He has diarrhea, yuck! Mama took him to Doctor Don and he has some medicine. He is such a drama queen! We have to put his pills in turkey and hide them, wow! Mama gives him pumpkin in his food to, we love to have pumpkin in our food when our tummy is sick, it always makes us well.

Oh boy, a tractor is going by our house, got to go chase it away!

Hugs, Riley

July 3, 2010

Last week we got to help a dog with a hurt hip. He feels so much better now! And the Manna Pantry called and they were all out of cat and dog food. We asked all our Facebook friends if they could help. They already have helped a ton! We stopped and dropped off some kitty food and dog food too. I love doing that. Dinner as you all know is the best time of the day, except for breakfast.

Tomorrow is a big day. My Scottish Terrier brother Kegan’s birthday is the 4th of July! And we are going to be in a parade with tons of dogs for my fund. It will be hot so we will ride on wagons. I am very excited about the parade. I think it is very nice that they have parades every year on the 4th of July for Kegan’s birthday.

 Hugs, Riley