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June 29, 2010

I have been so very busy. Mama and I have been doing hay! Also my sister Lexy has been letting kids read to her at the library. The hospital called Mama last week and asked if I could come visit a lady who needed a dog kiss. Of course I was there in a jiffy and she got lots of kisses.

Then when Mama was at the animal shelter there was a little old Pomeranian dog. He was very cute. Ken said he was 14 and his Dad went to a nursing home. We got him all fixed up and paid for his shots and a really awesome lady named Lori and her husband Doug adopted him! Mama says they rock! His new name is Dino and he is very happy. He has a Mom, Dad and lots of dog brothers and sisters.

Then we helped a dog who had a hurt hip and another who needed so be spayed and have shots. They have homes too now. Mama and I have been very busy. Oh boy, here comes the tractor. I need to go chase after it.

Hugs, Riley.

June 20, 2010

Today at 8:45 my friend, Tanker Graham, peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge. Mama and his family held him tightly and loved him while he passed. He will be missed so much by his Mom and Dad, Barb and Lonnie Graham. A host of other people will also miss this big boy. He was a Registered Therapy Dog and he helped hundreds of people during his life.

He came to Barb and Lonnie about the time he was two years old through Boxer Haven Rescue. He was unwanted, another rescue dog to grace their home. He was instantly adopted by Barb and Lonnie as their own forever dog.

At home he was the leader of the pack. He kept balance in his home as many rescue dogs came and went to find their own forever homes. He raised our puppy Lexy and all 7 of her siblings.

Mama hugged him goodbye as he crossed the bridge part of her went with him just like always, he was a very special boy. He was loved so much by his family. We will all miss him. As Dr. Todd helped him he said the only thing worse than this is never having had a dog.

Please keep the Graham’s in your prayers today. It’s a real hard day.

Hugs and lots of boxer kisses to you all and to my friend Tanker, Riley

June 17, 2010

Today Mama got a call from our really nice animal control officer, Trent. He needs us to take a boy boxer who needs a home. We are picking him up today. He is all brown with a black mask. Trent says he is a good boy and needs someone to love him. Of course we will fix him up so he can’t have any more puppies before he gets his forever home. Our friend Laura is taking him to foster! Laura is so sweet!

If you know anyone who would like any of his puppies please email us. We are looking for homes for them. They are 5 weeks old. They are huskey/boxer mix. The Mama of the pups needs a home too. She is a year and a half old and is a husky. All the dogs are good with kids and dogs. Right now the pups and Mom are in our shelter, and our good friend Ken is taking care of them. So please email us if you have room in your heart of another furry kid!

Thanks Trent and Ken for all you do to help animals. Me and Mama say, “You Rock!”

Hugs, Riley

June 16, 2010

Woo Hoo, Mama and Lexy and I went and told a whole bunch of senior citizens how they could help their own dogs learn to be therapy dogs! We went through the hall to our room and everyone petted us. It was very cool. They thought my little sister Lex was cute and they all said I was very handsome. They were all surprised at how well behaved we were. Of course we were on our best behavior, we were working.

I have to go nap now. I am very tired. My sister is in one lazy boy and the other had my name on it!

Hugs, Riley

June 15, 2010

Well today was just not the best day ever. First Mama took Lexy for a walk. She said it was girls only. Her friends Glenda and Kathy went. Glenda took her big girl Peaches and Kathy brought her puppy Stella. I love Peaches and I just love puppies. I really should have been the chosen one. I mean really, walking with all girls, those guys needed a man to be in charge.

Lexy was very tired when she came home. She said they went to the big bridge. I did help Dad with the yard so the day was not totally wasted. Tomorrow will be very cool. Mama is taking me and Lexy to school to tell people about Therapy Dogs. We will do a good job. The people will probably need lots of hugging. It tires me out to think of it. I better go nap!

Hugs, Riley

June 14, 2010

Another great day! All of the therapy dogs in Mama and Aunt Barbs class certified as Therapy Dogs! Soon they can begin their jobs at hospitals, nursing homes and schools. Maybe they can even teach kids at schools about how to treat animals nicely and why we fix them. I will explain to them about us not liking broken dogs and cats who can still have babies.

They will be happy they are doctor dogs like me and can help people. Even my goofy little sister Lexy is good at being a Therapy Dog. Mostly she lets kids read to her and I work the hospitals. We love our jobs.

Today Mama and I went to get the mail and a nice friend of ours sent us money for helps the animals! Love those car rides to the post office.

Hugs, Riley

June 11, 2010

Wow, Mama says it is like it is raining kitties who need us! We found a home for each of the 5 stray kittens. Three of them got a girl all their own to love them and two of them got a farm home. All of them will get fixed, cause we love fixing kitties! The Mama kitty is still stray but we are fixing her on the 22nd. So if you need a nice kitty that is not broken just let us know, we have one!

The a stray kitty was turned in at the vets office and was having seizures. We are helping that kitty too! See what I mean about Mama thinking it is raining kitties!

We also have really awesome news about Therapy Dog Class. All the dogs and people did awesome on graduation night! They will test for their certification on Sunday. We all have our paws crossed that they will pass, Mama says they are doing great and she is sure they will pass. 

What a great way to start a weekend. Fixed kitties and dogs graduating!

Hugs, Riley

June 9, 2010

What a great day! Last night I went to our dog obedience classes and all the dogs and puppies graduated! I had so much fun at school. I showed all the dogs how to do the graduation fun course. Cinder and Rugby showed them all how to play the stay game. I am so proud of all the dogs and puppies!

We have some kitties who we are helping to find a home for and we are still trying to find a home for Jethro too. So if you need a kitty or a nice dog email us! Oh here I go to bark a car away from my yard! See ya!

 Hugs, Riley

June 7, 2010

Today we are helping very nice small dog. He needs to be fixed and have his shots. I love the fixing animals part. Mama says the more we fix the better. No unwanted puppies and kittens!

I am so happy the sun is shining today! We went for our walk and it was lots nicer than in the rain. Our friend Tanker is sick. He is a nice big boxer boy and he has to spend the day at the doctor. We sure hope he is ok. His Mom Barb helps us with dog class. She is very sad that her boy is sick. He needs lots of prayers.

Hugs, Riley

June 4, 2010

We have lots of excitement at our house! First, our friend found a really sweet dog! His name is Jethro! He is very cool. He is only 2 years old. And he has no bad habits. Our friends are helping him to learn more manners but he is a good boy and is all housebroken and everything. He is a german shorthair pointer lab mix. If you go to my Facebook page you can see his picture! If you think you want to adopt him just email me at He really needs a forever home.

Then we found a nice lady who needed a friend a very nice little dog named CoCo. He is only 10 pounds, he was in a dog shelter and now he has a lap of his own and a human to love him forever! He will go to the vet on Monday and we will help pay for some of his bills there. His Mom is so very happy and so are we! Tails are waggin everywhere!!!

Hugs, Riley