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May 28, 2010

Guess what! The vet called and the broken kitty just delivered 4 baby kittens!!! I love kittens. But the best news is that now the Mama kitty is “fixed”. No more broken kitties at that house.

Love, Riley

May 28, 2010

One of our nice girls at the vet’s office called today. A kitty was in trouble and needed us to help with the vet bill because her Mom does not have any money. The kitty was trying to have her kittens and something went wrong so she has to have them in a special way that I don’t understand. Mama said they will take them right out of her belly!

I told Mama it is another broken kitty! So of course we asked the doctor if while she was operating to “fix” the kitty. We don’t like broken kitties. So the doctor will “fix” her and she won’t have any more babies.

I love helping, it’s the best way ever to start a holiday weekend!

 Hugs, Riley

May 25, 2010

We just got photos of the nice pitbull we helped. She had a huge tumor on her tummy. It is all gone now and she will feel better. If you want to see her photo it is on Facebook. I still cannot figure out that Facebook thing. It must be cool though cause I have a great face.

Our friend Patty’s daughter Grayson got married to Andrew this weekend.  And instead of party favors they decided to give money to my fund to help animals. How cool is that! I love weddings, especially the dinner part.  Speaking of dinner, I better go I think something is going on in the kitchen.

 Hugs, Riley

May 22, 2010

Tomorrow is High School Graduation! Dad will go and his job as a teacher is to seat the seniors. I wonder if Dad says, “Sit, Seniors!” and “Good sit, Seniors!” He probably does. I should go but I will be busy at home watching my goofy sister, Lexy. My friend Kevin Bunce is a senior and he is graduating. I bet Kevin will so the ”best sit” for Dad. Mama and Dad will go out to dinner after graduation with my friend Kevin and his family.

Kevin is very tall and he is so cool. He is the brother to my white boxer girlfriend Millie. Millie loves me so much! She is a very wild woman. Wilder than my sister Lexy! I hope Mama has fun at Kevin’s dinner. I am sure that Mama will tell Kevin how proud we all of are him!!!

 This is Dad’s last graduation because he is retiring. So it is the last time Dad will say, “Sit Seniors!” I bet that makes Dad sad because he loves all his high school kids a lot.

 Hugs, Riley

May 21, 2010

Last night Mama and Barb taught Therapy Dog Class at the Hospital. The dogs all did really well and soon they will be helping people. Tuesday night they taught obedience class in Big Rapids. Those dogs did really great too! The classes are half way done now. That is so sad cause I love school so much! School should be year round for dogs.

I especially like the puppies in the classes. They are so fun! I am going to go to class graduation again in just a few weeks. I show the class AKC Rally stuff. Don’t tell Mama but mostly I go to see the puppies, I love those guys!

 Hugs, Riley

May 20, 2010

We have cool stuff going on with my fund again! Our friend Nicole set up a Riley MacKenzie Fund Facebook page! I mean how fun is that. I don’t really know what Facebook is but I know everyone thinks I have a cute face! So I bet it is special. Mama says it will help get the word out on my fund and that is very special. So check us out on facebook!

Mama and I will take all our stuff to recycle today. We will be very busy going places in the car. Oh, here she comes, and there she goes. Got to run, heading out to the car.

Hugs, Riley

May 18, 2010

Ok so today is a great day. My friend Petie, who looks just like me and is Mama’s friend Nancy’s dog does not have cancer! All of his lumps and bumps the doctor took off tested out just fine. We are very happy for Petie.

Today started out great with a nice long walk then Mama took my creepy little sister Lexy for a car ride and a town walk with Glenda and Peaches. I really should have gone but Mama said I better nap.

Tonight is dog school. All the dog and puppies are doing so well. It is the half way to graduation mark. We are all really proud of all the dogs in our classes. School is so fun I wish I could go too. But Mama says I have to stay home and be in charge of the house.

Oh boy, got to go chase a car away!

Hugs, Riley

May 15, 2010

Wooo Hooo it’s the weekend! Dad will go for walks with us and Mom. And really could the day get any better? My belly is full of a great breakfast, the sun is shining and we got to help a really nice pit bull yesterday. He had a really big tumor, so his doctor will make him all better. His Dad was disabled so he needed our help. Mama and I are really good helpers!

And then we had the best news ever. We have such nice people in our lives! After Mama sent out our update on my fund about the food pantry three people called us with food! Lenny and Mary from Premier Auto have some food for us, John and Roxanne do too, and so does Carol. We are so happy to be able to take food to the Manna Pantry!

Then our friend Lindsay from the Pioneer Newspaper called us and wants to do a story letting everyone know about my fund and what we have done so far this year. I mean really, that Lindsay is just awesome! Mama says a photo of Lenny giving the food will go in the paper. I was thinking I should be in the photo but Mama says I’ve been in the paper a lot and maybe baby Shaley would like to be in the paper. She is very cute so I said that’s a good idea. I have lots of good ideas.

Oh better go, time for walking and I am in charge of that situation! 

Hugs, Riley 


May 14, 2010

Wow, I cannot believe it has been a week since I have written in my journal. My paws were very tired so I have been resting them on all the rainy days. Mama’s feet hurt too because she helped at Patterson’s Flowers during Mother’s day week. Mama was very busy being a helper. She had lots of fun and she said everyone worked very hard.

This week we have been really busy helping animals. Mostly we have been fixing kitties and dogs. Wow, there sure are lots of broken kitties and dogs where we live. So we are working on it!

 We have some really exciting news! You all know how much I like my dinner and my breakfast! Well, Mama and I try really hard to give all the animals food who need it and now there will be a “Pet Food Pantry” in Big Rapids. They will work with my fund to make sure that all the animals who need food get it.  We are so happy that the Manna Pantry, located in St Andrew’s Episcopal Church at 323 South State Street in Big Rapids will be working with us! If you would like to donate food or know an animal in need please contact us. I told Mama I could sample all the food but she said no. I love sampling.

 And we want you to save the date for our party! October 30, 2010 we will be celebrating our first year anniversary by having a fundraiser at the Eagles Club in Big Rapids. Classic rock band, Free Flight will be providing the entertainment and there will be silent auctions and cash raffles. We hope you will come. I am sure Mama will want me to be there unless I am busy with my nap.

 Hugs, Riley

May 7, 2010

Guess what!!!! I had the best night ever last night. You know, Mama has been talking to my Doctor, Doctor Don about dogs and shots and what they need for puppy school and hospital work and such. And you all know that I love my doctor so much. My tail just can’t quit when I see that guy, and his great nurses. He says not all dogs love him like I do.

Well anyway, my Doctor came to my very own house!!!! He brought Mama some magazines about different people’s ideas on shots and puppy socialization. He told Mama that the articles where from his magazines about medicine for cats and dogs. But I know he came just to see me because he petted me the whole time. It was great!!!

Gezz, I was just at his office for my bump and he is already missing me. He must love me as much as I do him!

My friend Scout the white boxer pup from Mama’s dog class got fixed this week. So we are thinking about Scout and hoping she is a good girl and is quiet after her fixing. We like our doc’s to get dogs all fixed up!

 Today Mama will be busy helping her friends Debbie and Bob at the flower store for Mother’s Day so we will have naps, but first Mama will take us for our walk. Mama has to call one of our other doctor friends back too because sadly there is a dog with a bad tumor who needs our help. We will help, we feel bad for him and his family. Better run.

 Hugs, Riley