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April 30, 2010

TGIF! We went for our walk in the hayfield. Mama said it was a nice break. Yesterday was crazy! Mama helped our friend Nancy with intake for Boxer Haven Rescue. Usually Mama only does adoptions but Nancy had a meeting so Mama helped with intake. Mama said it was like it was raining boxers. Cara helped too! So, two nice boxers, Dude and Eve, got to go to foster homes. Boxer Haven will help them get all their doctoring done and then they get forever homes.

 My sister Lexy, the duppy, was a Boxer Haven Rescue dog. When she needed a forever home I told Mama we could let her stay with us. Most of the time my sister Lexy is ok. She thinks I am so cool. It is nice that she recognizes that. I keep trying to teach her coolness but she just dances around like a goof.

This week we had to help a heartworm positive boy and today Mama has to get ready for dog class. It starts next Tuesday. My fund is running low on money so we are happy that dog class starts! All the dogs in class will have lots of fun. I love school! Oh boy, I have to go, there is a truck to bark away.

Hugs, Riley

April 28, 2010

Big stuff in Big Rapids! I am so very proud of my Boston Terrier nephew Jake! Our human sissy had a bad guy break into her back yard. The police were in a high speed chase after him! It was very exciting!!! Jake was very brave unlike his Bulldog brother Pete and his Boston Terrier sister Emily who hid under the end table.

Jake circled around the bad man barking at him until the police rushed through the gate of Jake’s yard. After the nice police man tazered the man and got him handcuffed he bent down and petted Jake and told him that he was a good dog. I am real proud of Jake! He is big like me, I would protect my Mama too.

Hugs, Riley

April 28, 2010

Car Ride! Shotgun, woo hoo. What!!! I’m not going. Oh man this is no fun. Mama has to go the the board meeting for the women’s shelter. Then she goes to the dentist. Will Mama ever get home to take us for our walk! At least Lexy did not get to go without me this time.

Oh, boy I think….I do….. I hear the car coming. There’s the door, Mama’s home. Here we go, the tennis shoes are going on. Now, next comes…ok big dog go first and little dogs go next. So here we go on our walk, got to run, see you.

Hugs, Riley

April 27, 2010

Our Trishy from my board called last night about my girl Millie. Millie is my best girl ever, she is white like me and she can’t hear me tell her I love her but she knows I do. We are all saying dog prayers for my Millie today because she has a spot on her and she has to have surgery today to have it taken off. Mama says she is a boxer and we all have spots taken off as soon as our people notice them in case it is cancer. So today all my special love is for my Millie and her family.

Mama said later today Lexy and she will go for a walk with our friend Glenda and her dog Peaches. I should really go and be in charge of Peaches but Mama says that Lexy needs to go and meet friends too. So I guess it is ok. I suppose Peaches will have to be in charge of Lexy because Lexy is not even old enough to be in charge of her own life yet. Good luck Peaches! 

Hugs, Riley

April 26, 2010

Well, so far we went for a walk and to the mailbox to get my fund money. Then we went to the bank and put the money in the bank to pay to help all the animals who need us. So far today no one has called but Mama says they probably will. We have been so busy helping animals the past two weeks.

I am great at helping. When someone feels bad I am there for the kissing. Sometime when I do my Therapy Dog work I have to kiss tears away. Sometimes I make little kids giggle with sloppy kisses. I do my best. Mama says I am the best helper ever. I say, I know.

Hugs, Riley

April 24, 2010

We have a hurt kitty to help. We feel so bad for him. Someone shot him in the foot. So far we paid his vet bill but we have to pay more. He is a nice kitty and his people love him. They don’t have a job so they asked one of our vets to help and we got the call to help. Of course we said yes.

The doctor said he will need more help so we are waiting to see what happens. We love kitties at our house. All the people on our board love kitties too, specially my Dad. He is always hugging our kitties. Well I better go. I am sad today about the poor hurt kitty, I mean really, who would be so mean.

Hugs, Riley

April 23, 2010

Woo Hoo, car ride! Oh wait, just as we are walking out the door one of our vets called with a poor dog with a broken leg. So we quick paid for him to get his leg fixed. Then, Mama and I went to the career center to tell students about volunteering for therapy dog work. My brother Rusty went too! The students are in the program where they might be doctors, like me or nurses, like our duppy, Lexy. So I got to go tell them about how much dog doctors and dog nurses help people. I went in the morning and Lexy went in the afternoon. It was really fun! All the students needed washing. So many dirty students at school I could not believe it! I loved all the students!!!

Then Mama and I went to Preferred Office Machines to drop off paper for our fall dog classes. Our friend John does all the printing for my fund. Mama says we should tell everyone to go there if they need printing. John and his family do a lot in our town, they help my fund, they help the school band, and tons of other things! So that’s where Mama and I go.

And we have to go pick up shirts that people ordered and send them in the mail to our friends. And guess what Pam and Leif from Creative Loop are making dog bandannas for us too! How cool is that. If your dog needs to have a bandanna you can go to my web site under donate and get one for him or her.

Then guess what? Our best baby sitter Kelsey is coming tonight to watch us! Dad and his band are playing for the WISE (Domestic Violence Shelter) Mystery Dinner Theatre Fundraiser. My friend Lenny is in the play. His wife, Mary is not in the play but she will watch. A lot of my other friends are going to sit with Mama. Barb, Glenda, Roxanne, Sherry and their husbands too are going! Sissy and Michael are going too with some of their friends. And my favorite other person is going too! Doctor Don, my own special doctor will take his nice wife Jean. I would go but Kelsey would be very disappointed if I did not stay home to kiss her.

Better go have a nap to get ready for Kelsey and playing in the yard with my ball.

Hugs, Riley

April 22, 2010

I mean really! You know when you have a duppy like our Lexy it is something every minute! We just got back from our walk in the hay field and in comes our duppy, white lightening—flying through the house! And, she was mud up to her belly. So now Mama and I have to wash all the throw rugs and the blankets on the furniture.

Mama says overall our duppy is a good girl and I was way worse. When I was a duppy I took the skirt off Mama’s brand new sofa. I thought it looked very nice. But Mama didn’t, so a nice man fixed it for Mama. Then I did it again! I really did think it looked better. So the sofa left again and got the skirt put back on. After that I decided Mama must like it with a skirt so I did not take it off again.

That is why Mama says as duppy’s go, Lexy’s a good one.

Hugs, Riley

April 21, 2010

Wow, Mama and I were busy today! We had to help 2 hungry dogs get food. Then we had a little dog who needed fixing. Just like broken kitties, we feel bad when girl dogs need fixing. We fix them right up so they don’t have babies though. And we had a phone call about a heartworm positive dog too! Mama and I were so happy to help them.

Sometimes Mama and I worry that we will run out of money. But, you know what? After we did the helping, we went and got the mail from my fund and there were two donations! Then 5 people emailed and ordered shirts! Mama says we are really blessed. I think someone should bless our duppy, Lexy, she could use it!

Oh no, once again Mama says I’ve said enough. Better run.

Hugs, Riley

April 18, 2010

Yesterday Mama and Dad were gone a long, long time. Our best babysitter, Kelsey, came and played with us, she fed us too. I love that girl! Dad’s band, Free Flight, played a benefit concert for a man who needed help. Mama said she sat with our special friend Sherry at the benifit. They had lots of fun. We had lots of fun too, with our Kelsey!

Mama and Dad got home real, real late. But at 6:30 in the morning I still said please get up, I am very hungry. And breakfast is the most important meal of the day, well, next to dinner. Mama got up and fed us. Then we went out in the nice cool morning and went for our walk. Mama was thrilled to get up at 6:30, feed us and go for a walk! That’s why I love her so much!

Mama said that Gordy and Blaine came from Dad’s old band. I heard Mama telling Dad that all the guys sounded really good and the vocals were on top. I guess that is good. Mama said Terry and Gordy both played the drums and they sounded great, Ben’s bass was perfect, Gale and Blaine sang like crazy, and Dad played the guitar and his leads were hot. Sometimes when we got for a walk I get really hot and I have to have a drink. When Dad plays leads and gets hot on breaks he has a drink too. I guess it’s a man thing. Dad and I like to have drinks when we are hot.

Today my human sister is coming over to visit us. Our duppy, Lexy, will probably go wild when she sees sissy. We all do, she is very cool! Oh, someone just pulled in the drive, time to go bark them away!

Hugs, Riley