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March 29, 2010

Wow, Mama and I are busy today! First we took Hannah and Kegan and dropped them off for their haircuts. Then we have to pick them up and stop and get the mail in my fund mailbox. Then Mama has to take my cousin big Pete to the vet for my human sister Heather. Big Pete is a bulldog and he has a bad knee, Mama says he needs his heartworm test too.

Next of course we went for our walk. Then tonight the man who does our horses feet is coming. He uses really big fingernail clippers on our horses. I am glad Mama does my toenails with her dremel tool. We all sit vet nicely for our toenails to be done. Most times the horses stand still nicely too. I hope I have time for naps in between all this stuff. Hugs, Riley

March 26, 2010

I don’t even know what happened today. All of the sudden Mama and Miss Lexy went out the door without me. And when they came back Lexy said she got to visit a whole room full of kids at the elementary school. They read books to her and she had the best time ever. She has a new sheltie friend named Melody too. Mama was so proud of Lexy, but what’s up, I always get to go! I am not the happiest boy in the world about this situation.

I suppose I will forgive Mama and Lexy for not taking me. It’s just that usually I do everything with my Mama and the other dogs stay home. Mama says Lexy has to learn to be a therapy dog so sometimes she needs to go to. I suppose it’s ok.

I think I will forgive them if I get a treat. Oh boy, here comes the treat, all is forgiven and good in my world! Boxer kisses,Riley

March 25, 2010

Today is my Dad’s birthday! I will probably give him a biscuit when he gets home from teaching his school kids. I know Dad will want spaghetti for his birthday dinner so thankfully I don’t have to share my dinner with him on his birthday. I mean I love my Dad but I am real serious about my dinner.

Mama and I went walking in the hay field today with Lexy and Hannah, then later Mama took Rusty, Zoe and Kegan. We love our walks! And now of course… it’s nap time! Love Riley

March 23, 2010

Mama and I are all excited about our new PayPal button on the web site that our friend Cade added. Personally I am glad that our button is on the web site because Lexy might get it if it was on the floor. Everything still goes in that silly pups mouth!

Back to our PayPal button! So with this new button people can just punch it (it says subscribe). When my friends punch the button it gives our fund $20.00 to buy a bag of dog or cat food every month! I mean really, how cool is that! I guess today is food day! I think food day should be a national holiday. Maybe I will send President Obama a suggestion on that.

Big Rapids Farm and Garden gave us five bags of food for my fund today! I love that place. Mama and I dropped it off at WISE (the women’s shelter). The advocates there have families with dogs who need it.

I better go now Mama and I have to get ready for dog school tonight. Mama says tonight all the dogs will learn to Hula Hoop! How fun! Love Riley

March 21, 2010

It’s Sunday! I love Sunday. Oh, heck I love every day. Mama and I are so excited today. Our friends from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, Gwen and Patty, are spreading the word about my fund. People we don’t even know are sending money now to help animals in need. The best part is Mama and I are getting loads and loads of new friends! And now we have more money in my fund for animals who need help.

 We have so many, many friends spreading the word about my fund! Cara, Barb, and Nancy from Boxer Haven are helping too! And Dad’s school teacher friends always ask about my fund. My friend’s at all the doctor’s offices help too. Everyone is helping us! It really is wonderful. And it is spring! It’s time for walks and resting in a warm sunny spots. I mean really, life could just not get any better. Love, Riley

March 19, 2010

Today I worked! Wow, the old paws will not last long today. First I took Mama to Mecosta County Medical Center Rehab Unit. (Mama drove) Of course everyone was thrilled to see me. The nurses needed a lot of kissing! I love those nurses! I made lots of people smile at Rehab. I love when they smile. They too needed kissing.

Then Mama said we better go to Altercare Nursing Home and see our friend Carley Schuberg. Carley was very tired today because he was doing PT but he had a pet for me. We saw our other friend from town Margie too. I like Carley and Margie a lot! We saw lots of people there too. And can you believe it, those nurses needed kissing too!

When we got home there was paypal money in my fund. Mama was very excited about that. We can help more animals now!  I was excited about the paypal money too but I got a little more excited about the biscuit pay I got from the jar.

I need to go the the couch now, big tired.  Love, Riley

March 18, 2010

Mama and I got a call today that a nice lady left a donation for my fund at one of the doctor’s offices. Mama and I think that it is really cool that whenever our fund helps an animal in need within a day or so we get money from someone to help more animals in need. Really it amazes Mama how when a kindness is done a blessing is returned. It makes us so happy. And when my Mama is happy she usually gives us an extra biscuit, there’s nothing better than a happy Mama! Boxer kisses, Riley

March 17, 2010

Wow, have we been busy! Well actually Mama was gone all morning helping her friend, Debbie Patterson, with the MYCAC kids. They are the high school kids from the Mecosta County Youth Foundation, they do lots of good things in our county. Mama says they have kind hearts like me. So while Mama was with her kids I took the time to take a nap!

Then Mama got home and that was when we got busy. Mama started returning calls from our phone and we had lots of special people call. Mama calls her special people vet tecs. Mama says they are the ones who help the doctors make all the animals well. The calls were all about senior citizens dogs who needed help. Some of the dog’s people had run out of money and some of them had health issues. They all loved their dogs though a lot!

So, our fund got to help all the dogs! And there were six dogs altogether! Since they were all senior citizens dogs we used money from the part of my fund called Ruby’s Fund. All the money in Ruby’s Fund was given specially to help animals of senior citizens.

After Mama paid all the bills with Ruby’s Fund money, and her doctor friends and vet tecs helped all the dogs we got to go for a walk in the hay field. Mama says it was just like Ruby was with us. Mama says Ruby was smiling down from heaven when we were walking because she was so happy to help so many dogs. When Ruby came to live with us from the puppy mill she was kind of naughty. So I thought when Mama said it was like Ruby was walking with us she meant because we had Lexy and she is so very naughty. Oh no, here comes Mama to get after me for saying things about Miss Lexy. I better go play outside. Hugs, Riley

March 15, 2010

We just got back from our daily walk. It is really fun now that it is nice. We practice lots of fun things on our walk. Mama asks us to sit and we do it very nicely, then we do a stay. Sometimes the stay is hard for Lexy if a kitty goes by her. But she does it. Our grey cat is in love with Miss Lexy. He runs up to us and does cat flops. Then Lexy noses him. So far she has behaved nicely but it is hard for her being just a puppy. I bet someday she will be perfect like me if we keep practicing her. I better go now, it is biscuit time and next comes naps! Hugs, Riley

March 13, 2010

Mama has been taking all six of us for walks in the hayfield! Next to breakfast and dinner walks in the hayfield are my favorite things! Mama says every dog should have a hayfield to walk in. We love it! After the winter snow melts in our hay field we find really great snacks. Sometimes when we find them Mama says, “Leave it”. We do leave it because we are good dogs but it is real hard. We have lots of animals in our hayfield, sometimes we see them. I’d like to chase the little black ones with the white stripe but Mama won’t let me. Oh boy, I have to go cause Mama just said time to head out to the hayfield. Love Riley.