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February 28, 2010

Today is a very big day! We are all going to Buffalo Wild Wings for a fundraiser for my fund! I am so excited that I bet I can eat at least 25 wings. I love chicken! Lots of people are coming to eat at BWW and everyone who brings in my coupon we get 20% of the money from their bill to help animals.

I wonder how many people will come. I wonder if they will want boxer kisses and if they will recognize me. I can hardly decide what collar to wear. The John Deere collar is nice, but then so is my turtle reef collar, and I look so striking in my black peace sign collar. It sure is hard to decide.

Ok, here we go!!! I’m headed for the door, I’m almost…WHAT! I don’t get to go. WHAT! No dogs in restaurants! Oh, no, please Mama, not the dreaded four letter word. Here is comes, no…no…don’t say it….STAY! I hate that word. Ok, well it is really nice of BWW even if dogs can’t come. But I was so looking forward to kissing all the Ferris State University Social Work Association people who are doing this fundraiser for my fund. I guess I will just have to ask them to go for a walk in the park some day.

To all the FSU Social Work Association Members, Buffalo Wild Wing’s and all of you special people who are eating there today we thank you with our hearts and would hug you with our paws if dogs could go to BWW!

Boxer Kisses, Riley

February 27, 2010


I was headed out the back door to your house and I made it to the car. I couldn’t get the key to fit in the hole and then I realized my paws don’t reach the gas pedal. So I guess I have to stay home, but I went to town yesterday and we picked out a present for you! You’ll be getting it Monday at your work.

We have really sad hearts for you because Jesse had to cross the rainbow bridge. But we know he’s already playing with Libby, Ruby, Duffy and of course MacKenzie! Mama say’s he smiling down at his whole family right now because he loved you so much.

Hugs and sloppy kisses, Riley

February 27, 2010

Today is Saturday! I love weekends because Dad is home too. Usually on the weekend Dad has lots of time to play the guitar and all of us dogs sing. I sing the nicest. Are you surprised? The six of us almost make up a choir. Sometimes when we sing Mama says she can’t hear herself think. I guess it makes Mama happy when we sing so she has a break from thinking. Even better than a regular Saturday is when Dad’s Band, Free Flight, comes to practice. They bring our friend Sherry who made the special heart for my fund.

Dogs like to sing! Sometimes when Mama calls her friend Jan at Peke A Tzu Rescue the Pupsters are singing! I bet it gives Jan a break from thinking too when the Pupsters sing. If you ever want to adopt a very special little furry dog you should go look at the Pupsters at  All the Pupsters are so cute. They are fuzzy, furry and cuddly! They have cool stuff in their online store too that you can buy. I think you should check it out.

If you think you want to adopt a short ha like me then the little ones that are the very best would be at Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue.  My creepy little sister Zoe came from Denise and Gwen at Midwest. Mama says I shouldn’t call her creepy but I can’t help myself, she is such a goofy girl. Ruby, who help’s animals of senior citizens in my fund was adopted from Midwest too. You should check out the Boston’s if you’d like a snorters instead of a singer. We like ‘em at our house. Zoe’s husband Rusty can snort with the best of them. All the Boston’s at Midwest are at

Since I decided to tell you about adopting a rescue dog maybe you’d like a perfect one like me! Then you need to go to and find a boxer to adopt. I can’t promise they will be as wonderful as me because when we adopted our baby boxer we got my other creepy little sister Lexy. She thinks I am so cool. Really it is sort of sickening. I mean, I am way cool, but Lexy kind of overdoes it! Sometimes I have to tell her to go settle down when she boxer butt wiggles up to me. Lexy is our best girl singer though when Dad is playing his guitar. Or you might get a very sweet boxer girl like Libby who help’s the animals of domestic violence victims in my fund. So check it out!

 They have great singers at the Mecosta County Animal Shelter too! Mama said when she was there this week the dogs there were singing like crazy and Mr. Ken wasn’t even playing a guitar. So don’t forget to look at the animal shelter in my town or the animal shelter or humane society in your own town if you need a singing dog because there are lots of them to adopt.  I bet you could even find a kitty to adopt who can howl with the best of them.

 I think I need to talk to Mama about getting a web cam so you can see me sing. I know you would love it and I bet you would want to send tips to me so I can help the animals who need help from my fund. Hey, I have a great idea! Maybe when you send tips you’d want to send biscuits too!!! Uh, Oh, Mama just said that’s enough and I better go have my nap!

 Boxer Kisses, Riley

February 26, 2010

So I’ve had my breakfast and nap number one! Thought I better get my paws in gear and write to you about all the exciting things going on with the Riley MacKenzie Fund.

We just got our new website up so there is lots of exciting stuff for you to see. If you need a web site you need to ask Mama about Clay and Associates. Our friends Cade and Paul from Clay and Associates did our web site and we think it is awesome! The nicest thing about our web site is my picture. Well really there are other nice things too but it is a nice picture of me!

You can see all the people that are my friends and who have given us money to help animals. There are a lot of them and they all like my photo! My friends Nancy and Paul just send us paypal money to help animals. The Riley MacKenzie Fund never had paypal before so Mama got all excited when we got two donations through paypal. Mama says paypal is very cool but I still think my dog biscuits are much cooler!

I really like our web site because I can write to my friends too. My friends Robin, Glenda and Paul have sent me messages so far. So to all my friends who wrote, High Five! I am really cute when I do high five!

Enough about how cute I am, I better let you know about all my animal friends we have helped so far this year. First we helped two kitties get fixed. I think that kitties really need fixing so it was good we helped them. Mama says one got spayed and one got neutered but I think the best part of it is that they are fixed. Broken kitties really bother me, but the Riley MacKenzie fund will fix as many as we can!

Next we had some nice folks call us who knew a fun young dog and his senior citizen was sick. So we helped the dog find a nice place to stay where he would be safe until his Dad got well. It took two weeks for his Dad to get better but now they are together and they are very happy!

Then we got a call about a puppy with a broken leg. Her Dad was a disable veteran. He needed a little help to get his puppy fixed up.  So all Mama’s friends who are what she calls a board said we better help the puppy! So we did, I feel so bad Mama’s friends are bored, maybe when the snow is gone and they can get out more they will find stuff to do and not be bored.

Then another of our veterinarian friends called and said they had a sick puppy with parvo. I don’t know what parvo is but I know Mama says we don’t want it. Anyway the doctor fixed the pup for the lady. The lady said she could pay some of her bill but she just couldn’t do it all, so we helped.

Then a dog got hit by a car and had a fractured leg.  It really hurt, but once again a good doctor helped the dog and so we helped too by paying part of the bill. I am sure he will soon be a wild and crazy, happy dog again.

Then we had a call about a domestic violence victim. She had three really nice dogs and was getting by taking care of them but she did not have any money for leashes. Her dogs really wanted to go for walks so we got her some real pretty leashes! Mama says when she and I walk it’s good for our head and our body. So now three dogs and a people have good heads and good bodies, that makes me really happy!

Then another puppy got sick and his Dad could not pay the bill, so we helped. He had a virus. I guess that is like the parvo thing, we don’t want it! The pup is better now and his Dad is happy.

This week a really nice senior dog ran out of food and his family did not have any money. So Mom and my Aunt Barbie took some food to the nice dog, he smiled. I would have shared his food with him but Mama says I have my own.

I better go take another nap the no thumb thing and that space bar just wipes me out!

Boxer Kisses, Riley

February 22, 2010

Hi my name is Riley. I am going to be writing about the Riley MacKenzie Fund. I am a white boxer dog with a fawn eye patch and a fawn start button on the top of my head. Mama says the angels put the start button on top of my head when I was born.  You can read about my Fund and see my picture on at

I will do my best to write to you and tell you about my Fund. Writing can be kind of tricky cause it is hard to hit the space bar without thumbs! But I get by.

My Fund helps dogs, cats and horses when their people are running low on money cause they have had something happen in their life that they did not expect. I will try to explain to you about the animals we help when I write again. Sometimes we help animals who own senior citizens. Sometimes we help animals who own domestic violence victims. Sometimes the animals own people who lost their jobs or are having bad luck.

Really nice veterinarians and other special people call our house and let us know when people need help. Then Mama pays the bill with money that other really nice people donate to our Fund. And Mama teaches dog obedience class to help pay for things that animals need help with too. Our Dad helps with teaching dog school too when he is not teaching really cool high school kids to be good citizens. And Mama’s friend Barb helps with dog class too when she is not fixing people. Barb is a nurse. Barb is a hugger too like Mama.

Mama and five of her friends decided that there are lots of animals who needed help so they started the Riley MacKenzie Fund.  Mama calls her friends the Board of Directors. I am bored too right now cause it is winter and I can’t play outside. I guess Mama’s Board doesn’t like winter either cause she is always talking to them, they must be bored too.

Mama and her friends all want animals to be able to stay in their homes and not be given up to shelters and rescues. Sometimes those animals and their people just need a little help to get by. Anyway that’s what Mama says and she feeds me every night and every morning so I know everything Mama says is true.

When the Fund got started it was named after MacKenzie and me. You can see Kenzie’s picture on the web site too, she was a Scottish Terrier. We all loved Kenzie alot; she went across the rainbow bridge a long time ago when I was just a puppy. Kenzie was always “there” for us. Mama says Kenzie saved her life. Kenzie helped lots of dogs and people. Now it is my job, it’s a hard job.

I do Therapy Dog work and make people smile. I like the kissing part of Therapy Dog work best.  I live with five dog brothers and sisters, and four of us are Therapy Dogs.  I also have five cat brothers and sisters and four horse brothers and sisters at the farm I live on.

Besides the Riley MacKenzie Fund we also help rescue dogs at our house. Mostly we help Boxer Haven Rescue Dogs and Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue dogs.  We adopted two of my sisters from rescue. Lexy is a boxer and Zoe is a Boston Terrier. They are the creepy little sisters but I love them. My big sister is a Collie named Hannah. I also have a Scottish Terrier brother named Kegan and a Boston Terrier brother named Rusty.

 My paws are very tired now and it is nap time. So I will write later about the dogs and cats we helped so far this year.

Boxer Kisses, Riley