February 11, 2016

Dear Mama,

It has been so long since I have written you. I am so busy here at the rainbow bridge. Today was the best day ever and then I realized that your heart must be breaking. The trumpets sounded and Britta, Grandma Scott and I ran to the bridge for we knew today was a very special day.

The miracle child Lexy had just begun to cross over our bridge. There was much hustle and bustle here. Lexy had a hard time leaving you but oh Mama when she saw her big brother… I just wish you could have been here to see the joy on her face.

It was wonderful. The angels sang the Hallelujah Corus in a funky kind of way and God smiled. And the children, you should have seen them run to see Lexy. You know the children love her.

Thank you Mama for sharing her with us. I know your heart is so sad and you miss us all but you know we see you… Because from here I can see a far, far, ways.

Hugs Riley

April 28, 2015

Hi Mama,

You know I am so very busy here but I wanted to write you and let you know that we love having Britta here. She is just a joy to everyone she meets, the angels especially love her because she has such a kind heart.

Of course it was glorious when she crossed the bridge. Especially when she heard the angels sing to her. You know Mama she never minded being deaf but this hearing thing, she says it is way cool.

I thought you would want to know she already has a awesome job. I think in your heart you know exactly what job she has, she is the watcher and the keeper of all of the children here. Yep, I knew you would know. Of course she misses all of you but the children keep her so busy and happy. She is also in the lead of the parade when a child crosses the bridge. She gives them much comfort.

Mama I know it was so hard for you when Britta had to come to me, but you need to know she is my right hand helper and I am so thankful for all she does.

We watch you walk in the field Mama, every day, and we know you feel us with your heart. That gentle wind Mama, it’s us… me and Britty. Because you know Mama from here we can see a far, far ways.

Hugs, Riley

August 18, 2014

To my Sissy,

I love you for always. I want you to know that when your boy crossed over we all helped him. I remember the summer that he came to stay at my house, he was just a pup. My dad babysat him. Tyler and Mac (the foster dogs) played like crazy with him all summer. Mac and Tyler were right at the head of the procession for Jake with Grandma Frozen Cookie… and of course with me.

I always lead the processions, it’s my job, has been ever since I came here. The big guy, he put me in charge of the helping. I suppose that is because I have been the helper all of my life. It’s a good job.

I hope you know that Jake is happy here, except for missing you. He and I we watch you and Mama all of the time. We always will because what we had was so special when we were on your earth. Heart Dogs, they come only once in your life and they love you with all that they have. It is a very special bond… one like no other.

Jake wants you to know it is wonderful here. There is no pain and it is always sunny and warm. There are bowls full of food and cool clear water. Jake looks so handsome, almost puppy like. He has a beautiful fur coat again and he is sleek and shiny. He has a very special heart box, just like me. His is lined with emerald green velvet. It has a piece of your heart in it, you know from when he left you and your heart broke. We all have a box like that mine is lined with purple velvet and of course has a piece of Mamas heart in it.

Jake wants you to know that he will always be with you. Just like I am with Mama, always and forever. I know it was hard to let him go. It is the hardest gift that you will ever give to Jake. It is a gift a real true love.

He loves Grandma Frozen Cookie. Jake says she has the best lap ever, well of course next to his own Mamas lap. She is so happy that she has Jake for a lap dog. “The Frozen One” she says it is her connection to you, and that is the most wonderful thing of all…for she too loves you a great deal.

Hugs to you my sissy, we will always be here when you need us, me and “Mostly” because from here we can see a far, far ways.


June 27, 2014

Hey Mama! It’s been so long since I’ve got out the old laptop. You know I watch you every single day and I feel all of your hugs and love to me even though we are so very busy. But today Mama, I just had to send you a quick note. Well Ruby and I did. You know how Ruby loves parades. Remember Mama, when she lived with us and you always said that since she left the puppy mill and had a home with pillows and all, you know, our home. Well, anyway you always said that to Ruby life was one big parade…

Well Mama we had the biggest parade ever today. Everyone here in heaven joined into the parade. Grandma Frozen Cookie, with Ruby on her left and me on her right led everyone to the rainbow bridge. I know you know all about it in your heart Mama but I had to tell you.

The parade was for Maggie Byrne. That is why the parade was so very huge. Because you know Mama that Maggie’s own Mama, Carol was my best friend on the whole earth. I loved her just as much as you and Dad. And today I saw my Carol and her heart was so broken when she took Maggie to see kind Dr. Duflo.

Maggie told us she did not want to leave her own Mama but she was ready to come to us. She hurt so much. In my heart I was so glad that Dr. Duflo and Dr. Esterle with Dr. Scott helped her so much. She was a very special girl. She was so lucky when my Carol adopted her from MidWest Boston Terrier Rescue… they were both lucky my Carol and her Maggie.

Mama you should have seen the procession. Really it was quite spectacular, like when I came here. Of course with me leading the parade it was really marvelous. You know how handsome I am. They came from all of the corners of heaven when the angels called and the trumpets sounded. For Maggie they came in all of their finery.

We saw her approach like they all do, in pain and so very tired. And then comes the magic, just like always. A paw touches the bridge and the magic well it happens in just an instant! It is wonderful Mama. Someday I will call them all for a parade just for you and I someday…

Oh Mama, Carol’s heart would not be so heavy if she saw her Maggie dancing now. She danced the dance of joy with my sister Ruby for a long, long time. I thought the dancing would never end. Ruby and Maggie dancing and dancing. I love you Mama.


March 14, 2014

Dear Mama,

I got your back. I just wanted to remind you that I see you and your Britta. I am here if she needs me, we all are. Just waiting if she needs us. Because from here I can see a far, far, ways.

Hugs, Riley

January 19, 2014

Here we are again at the beginning of a new year! There is so much going on in my fund. Mama just went to a Mecosta County Community Foundation meeting and we have an endowment that now that will last forever to help animals in need! How cool is that.

This month we are spaying and neutering animals like crazy! All the veterinarians who live near my house are helping. We love the fixing!

Mama and all the people on my board of directors are getting ready for the $1.00 hearts to be sold near my house at businesses. Everyone gives a little and it sure helps. Mama is also very busy turning in all our year end financials to Jennifer at Baker Management. We love that Jen!

Today I saw Mama sending out posters and tickets for my “Hands Helping Paws” fundraiser on March 3rd. People donate so much cool stuff. And it sure helps. This year it is going to be at Cranker’s Brewery. Dad will like that. If I still lived with my Dad I’d probably go and have a beer with him. Today Traveler went shopping at Speedway and filled Mama’s car with gas for her. He and Dad go every Sunday. Today even Mac, the creepy little brother got to go. Car rides, they are just the best ever!

Guess I better go I have football playoffs to watch. It’s very important stuff you know. When I lived with Mama I did great head fakes when I played ball with my brothers and sisters.

Hugs, Riley

January 4, 2014

For me and for my fund it has been a unbelievable year. The helping is wonderful. Over 150 dogs and cats got spayed and neutered and over 200 total were helped just last year, and that does not even count the thousands of pet food my fund provided. It will be five years of helping this year.

Sometimes MacKenzie and I we just sit and watch all of the people working so hard to help others. It really is quite magic. The people on my board of directors, you know my friends, they are so kind and they work so hard… every single minute thinking of animals in need. Yep, it’s just magic that’s what it is.

And then there are the doctors and all of their staff who save the lives and fix us all up. Really, how can we ever tell them how grateful we are. A world full of love that is what it is, a world full of love. We are lucky Kenzie and I, so lucky to be a part of the helping.

Days come and go up here and many new ones come. Often Mama’s lets us know in advance when they are coming, like last week. Mama said so many are coming today, it’s a hard day, you will help them won’t you? Of course I whispered to Mama, the trumpets are already sounding and the bridge is ready… and Mama you know when they touch the bridge, you know Mama on that first step… the pain is gone and there is only love.

Then there are the ones who surprise my own Mama. For I see her, she worries about them, like Spike. She said I think Spike will be coming and he is a good boy, help him will you? Of course, I say for I am a good boy and I always help Mama. But Spike did not come, his Doctors and his Vet Techs were magic that day and when Mama arrived at work the first thing she heard was Spike yelling and his people saying Spike, “Quiet!” And Mama smiled because Spike lived, for his family he lived. Surprises they are the best really.

Another year has come and gone and I whisper to Mama, I love you forever. And Mama whispers it back, and a tear rolls down her face, and there he comes… Traveler, to kiss the tears away. Thank you Trav, from here I can see a far, far, ways and I will always be much obliged to you for loving my Mama.

Hugs, Riley

December 18, 2013

Today, well… I met a new friend. Mama told me about him, he was the most special pitbull in my old earth world ever, his name is Butch Bowen. He is Ryan’s boy. And he loves Ryan with his whole heart, forever and always, just like me and Mama.

Mama met Butch when he got his family. First he got Michelle, that is when Mama met him. She and my Dad went to play with him after the wedding. Butch loved them and welcomed them into his house, people just don’t get pitbulls but my Mama and my Dad do. They knew Butch was a “good boy”. Not to long after he got Michelle he got two baby girls! The girls are called Ashlynn and Lauren. Butch, well finally he had a real family and he would have protected him with his own life, that’s what pitbulls do. Dad says they were called the Nanny Dogs many years ago.

Lately, Butch hurt a lot. I could see it from here, you know we see everything from here. Butch knew Ryan would miss him when he left and so would the rest of his family. But it was time for them to let him go. It’s hard, real hard, the letting go.

Me, well I’d like Butch’s family to know he fits right in here. He and I we are so close, buddies really. We run and play and have so much fun. When I first came here my writing changed. It is so different here on our side of the bridge, truly magic. My first writing after I came was on November 12, 2010. Butch and I, well… we hope the Bowen family has a chance to read that post. Butch and I well… we know nothing really heals the pain of a broken heart but it just might help the Bowen family to know what it is like here. Because from here, Butch and I, we can see a far, far, ways.

Hugs, Riley

November 23, 2013

Mama and I we are just so very busy. It seems I never have time to write with all of the helping and such. Mama is very busy on my earth world at Riversbend. Mostly my Mama helps all the puppies and kittens oh and older dogs too with vaccinations. Sometimes animals are sick and Mama is the helper then too. My fund often helps when needed at all of the animal hospitals where I used to live. Soon my fund will be having another spay and neuter clinic, that is a good thing.

Mama’s new Scotty pup Mac is a real challenge, I watched Mama when he visited children in Mecosta yesterday with my Dad and my Sisters. Mac talked too much and Mama had to settle him down, he is just learning, it will be ok.

This week at Mama’s work Fedor a really great boxer had to cross the rainbow bridge. He was a good friend of Mama’s so she asked me to help him. Of course I did, we had one of our special processions for him. He is my friend now. He told me Mama storied which made me very happy. I suppose Mama and I will miss each other for all of time, that kind of love just never goes away.

Hugs, Riley

October 6, 2013

Mama and I are so busy now we hardly ever have time to write. But we still think of each other all of the time. I suppose it will be that was for always. That’s how it is when you love someone.

Last night I watched Mama and all of her friends at the Riley MacKenzie Fund Fundraiser. I was so proud of them. So was MacKenzie. We never thought that a fund named after us would raise so much money to help so many animals.

I suppose that’s our connection, Mama’s and mine. In her earth world Mama is the helper. Up here and when I lived with Mama I was and still am the helper. Dogs, it is just what they do for their people. That’s what it’s all about the helping and the love.

Mama right, now I am sending you the best boxer wiggles ever.

Special hugs right from your very own boy,


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